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Andre Chappell, Burger Wisconsin & Mexicali Fresh "We believe in happy franchisees making good money"

Ex-cop’s attention to detail helps Burger Wisconsin and Mexicali Fresh franchisees to boost the bottom line. In the fast-changing and highly-competitive world of quick service restaurants, ‘Details matter,’ says Andre Chappell. ‘A customer may not notice a clean store, but they will certainly notice a dirty one. Read more here



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Maggie Donnelly, Mexicali Fresh "I'm very pleased with the choice I made"

Maggie Donnelly cheerfully admits that she ‘had no interest in food other than eating it!’ before she started looking for a new business. Eight weeks after opening her Mexicali Fresh franchise in Napier, though, she says, ‘I’m very pleased with the choice I made.’

Maggie knows a good opportunity when she sees one. Having spent 25 years building an outdoor clothing brand from Nelson that exported round the world, when she sold up she decided to move to Hawkes Bay and seek a new challenge. ‘I wanted something that would interest me long term and that I could stand behind and promote with confidence. I know how hard it is to start from scratch so I also wanted something that was solid, well-supported and sustainable. Read more here



Consumers and councils are turning on the humble plastic straw. Franchises are keen to respond, but their sheer size can mean supply issues slow them down.

Environmentally-conscious independent outlets such as Orewa Surf Club are offering consumers a choice - supply issues mean franchises may have to play catch-up

After years of concern, the tide seems to be turning on use of conventional plastics in packaging. Public opinion reached the tipping point after David Attenborough's BBC series Blue Planet II was broadcast in November, with makers saying ‘there was rarely a time when they were filming that they didn't come across plastic in the sea’ and an episode showing a hawksbill turtle caught up in a plastic sack. Read more here


UberEats, one a year on


The Snipoff Article: The app that swallowed Auckland: UberEats, one year on

“It was a game changer,” recalls Conor Kerlin, whose company Mariposa Restaurant Holdings (MRH) owns popular fast-casual eateries Mexicali Fresh, Burger Wisconsin and Ha! Poke. “[With Mexicali], we saw a massive increase in sales, which was good for the business. There were a lot of people – especially in the city – that just didn’t want to get out of their desk to go and line up somewhere, so convenience was a huge factor.” Read full article here.



Mexicali Fresh goes free-range!


Mexicali Fresh Sets One Million Chickens Free

Mexicali Fresh’s 18 restaurants around the country have just completed the switch to free range chicken for all their recipes. That’s almost one million more chooks - or 75,000 kilograms of chicken - being freed every year; a significant amount in a country obsessed with the bird.

New Zealand has one of the world’s highest rates of consumption of chicken, with more than 100 million killed every year. Mexicali Fresh founder-brothers Tyler and Conor Kerlin say it’s never been easier to switch to free range, and hope all New Zealand restaurants join the move.

Fresh, fast & on-trend

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Mexicali Fresh is the stand-out opportunity among quick service restaurants

The fastest-growing food trend in New Zealand today is Mexican, and the fastest-growing category is the gap between fast food and formal dining called QSR – quick service restaurants...read more

MExican wave

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Mexicali Fresh is growing all over the country and customers love it

From the moment you open the doors, it’s all go!’ That’s the experience of Dion Dragicevich and Jo McGreevy, who opened their Mexicali Fresh restaurant in Mt Maunganui at Easter this year. ‘It was a bit of a baptism of fire, but we’d had 6-8 weeks of intensive training and we had great support from the franchise with three people on hand that first week to help our staff get to grips with it all. Admittedly, we had queues out of the door at first, but now we handle similar numbers easily’....read more

NZ ready for mexican wave

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The fast-casual dining concept has made Mexicali Fresh an Auckland favourite – now it’s going national

Mexicali Fresh brought big American-style burritos and frozen margaritas to the Kiwi landscape in 2005 with the launch of its first restaurant at Princes Wharf on Auckland’s waterfront. Now the company is offering motivated and ambitious people the opportunity to become a part of this rapidly-evolving Kiwi success story...read more

NZ welcomes mexican evolution

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Mexicali Fresh’s first franchisee is opening another – and another

If there are two hot trends in the food business in New Zealand today, they are the growing popularity of Mexican food and the rise of fast-casual dining – an upmarket version of traditional quick service restaurants which combine a counter service model with a more premium product and environment. Mexicali Fresh has been at the forefront of both, with nine locations already open in Auckland and more to come all over New Zealand...read more

takes two to tango

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Initially reluctant, franchisee Devon Nel was converted by his Mexicali Fresh experience

You might call Devon Nel ‘the reluctant franchisee’. Before he joined Mexicali Fresh in 2013, he says he knew little about franchising and what he thought he knew, he didn’t like. ‘I thought it was about being controlled or being at the mercy of someone else all the time,’ he says. ‘But I was looking for a job or business, so I cast my net wide and came across this new food franchise...read more