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No surprises - we love Mexican food. Cali-style. my brother and i were raised on the stuff.

Earliest memories are of tacos under a table in my folk’s eatery back in the States. The whiff of chillies so heavy in the air, it burned a little when you smiled. Salsa all over our Chucks. We’ve put those same old family recipes on the board to share with you, the most gorgeous taco-muncher to ever hum a Marley tune. Here’s the secret to this Mexicali ting … one love, keep it fresh, respect yourself & the creatures and roll one up when things get a little angsty.

No harm done.
Love, Tyler & Conor Kerlin


Oy, What’s
in it?

Keep that allergy at bay or maintain your cave-dwelling paleo ways with …


free range is
the only way

No excuses to let the creatures suffer for lunch.


How we roll



(Only classy stuff. All completely consensual)

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cutting edge
taco tech!

We can’t get the fax going but we’ve glued the old PC back together with guacamole and we’re ready to take your orders. See the menu or …


Good or bad, please do tell us what went down


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