Our tortillas are going PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Breast Cancer Awareness month takes place for the duration of October and they’ve always encouraged folk to ‘Go Pink for a Day’. This inspired us at Mexicali Fresh to apply this thinking to our food while raising awareness for the cause.

We approached Farrah’s - the gorgeous family-owned biz that hooks us up with our tortillas - and asked them to bring the pinkness and so the Pink Tortilla was born.

What are you trying to build awareness for?

We want to help spread the word and provide the resources necessary for everyone (yes even men) to take action and get screened. Download BCF information card here

What is in the tortilla that makes them pink?

Just a dash of some natural beetroot powder.
You can download the spec sheet with all the science stuff here

I have allergies. What’s in it?

You can download the specification sheet with all that science stuff here

More questions or concerns?

We would love to hear from you, please follow the link to our feedback page and we will get back to you asap!

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