Since the beginning we've been sourcing the tortillas for our corn chips from the same wonderful supplier who prides themselves on staying small, taking care of their people and, most of all, making great corn tortillas!


We popped in to the factory to catch up with the owner, Ian,. He has been supplying us with tortillas for over 11 years now, and we can proudly count him amongst our friends.
Here's a small sample of a small chat we had with the man.

Q: What is it that makes your corn tortillas amazing?
A:We such a hands on company, we have so many people involved in all the processes. A big thing of course is no preservatives, we don't have any preservatives in any product. And, because we have people watching every step of the way, we've got total control, and we can adjust our texture of the tortillas, we can adjust our thicknesses, we can adjust our temperatures, and all of that sort of thing. And by having the ladies hand-stacking at the end, they can see any imperfect ones and remove them. So you know, I think that's the big thing, getting people involved.  

Q: What's your ultimate goal for the company and for the products you have now? 
A: I've never wanted to be the biggest, always just wanted to be the best, so we've always concentrated in the quality, and try to make the systems work so that its not to difficult for the staff, and that it flows... We're quite happy the way we are, quite happy with the size... we're happy with what we do. 

Q: Just a general life tip. What would be you life tip?
A: Be happy... or TRY to be happy!

Conor and Ian

Conor and Ian