Make eye contact, smile, say hello, be enthusiastic, be clean – hair back, clean nails, clean top – people aren’t going to feel any kind of awesome if you make them feel dirty. 

These are the basics but to be truly awesome you have to give so much more…

People love to feel loved and it’s really easy to do – just acknowledge and remember them. Say hello, ask them how their day is going – if it’s great, say “great!” If its sucks, say “dude that sucks, have a burrito - burritos make everything better!” 

Curve ballers 

Remember what your regulars order and any food allergies or weird requests they have like, “the dairy-free, gluten-free, likes his taco inside-out guy!” We also really look after our hardcore vegan friends. 

These guys don’t venture out to eat much because their diet is so strict. If an animal lover walks through the door – show your respect – use the gloves and make sure nothing with eyes wanders onto their plate.

the silent treatment

As much as we love to excite and amaze every customer that walks in the door there are those that just don’t really want to ‘taco’ bout it.

The goal is to identify every customers needs and give them what they want so if they are not keen on chatting up and making small talk then pick up what they are droppin and only ask the the required questions and get them on their way so they can enjoy their delicious meal. 

Shot callers 

You never know who you’re going to meet when you’re serving up a Mexi storm. 

So be cool to your customers -  all of them. True story: Back in the day (2008) at Mexicali Newmarket -  “The Chicken Taco Salad guy with no cheese or
sour cream,” used to come in 3-4 days
a week. He was down to earth and super normal. We’d shoot the breeze about life and why we started the whole Mexicali brand.

Fast forward about 5 years, he called us, said he loved our passion and was interested in being part of the Mexi Family. Turns out the “Chicken Taco Salad guy,” was Tim Wood. An entrepreneur who made stacks of cash by selling his internet company Ihug. Now he’s a shareholder and Mexi brother.